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Cloud Services Business Solutions

Want to upgrade your communications system?

Maybe you need to bring your online security up to current standards.


Whatever you’re looking for, our crew of tech-loving problem solvers are here to help you.


We specialize in creating custom cloud solutions to solve problems. Whether you need help rolling out a solution for 5 people or 5,000 – you’ve found your team.


With access to over 250 suppliers, we can find you the best deal on the solution that best fits your needs.


The cloud may sound complicated, but it’s really not – we’re here to help.

Cloud Services Business Solutions

Custom Cloud Services Tailor Made To Fit Your Business

Your business is unique, which means your goals, processes, and problems are completely unique too. Working together, we’ll figure out what cloud-based solution will get you the results you’re looking for. 

Cloud Services: Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Avoid the upfront costs (and headaches) of owning and maintaining your own IT infrastructure and choose on-demand computing services. From applications to storage, cloud computing is the way to go.

Cloud Services: Managed Computing

Managed Services

Why choose managed IT services? Not only do you free up your internal IT staff to focus on other projects, you receive a proactive, cost-effective approach to maintenance and security too.

Cloud Services: UCaaS / CCaas unified communications as a services and contact center as a services

UCaaS / CCaaS

Using Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service has many benefits to your organization, including standardizing functionality, lowering hardware costs, and faster deployment to your systems.

Internet of things IOT and Wireless


The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionary opportunities for all sectors. Empower your staff with streamlined processes, automated operations, and insight into your most important data.

Cloud Services: Network / SD-Wan


Say goodbye to expensive routing hardware and say hello to peak performance, lower working costs and improved security with SD-WAN systems in place.

Cloud Services: Managed Security

Managed Security

Improve your cybersecurity architecture (and lower your training expenses). With professional backup, you'll have the latest info and protection on cyber security threats.

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Cloud Services for Manufacturing and Transportation



Embracing cloud service solutions has brought supply chain management into a new era.


You already know in-person processes can be time-consuming and incredibly slow to react to the fast-paced world of transportation.


Implementing cloud computing solutions tailored to the manufacturing and transportation industries can help your company reduce expenditure, increase scalability, and speed up deployment rates.

Other benefits include:


  • Optimized operating procedures
  • Advanced analytical data capabilities
  • Easier adjustments to market volatility
  • Enhanced security measures
  • Increased IT capabilities
  • Real-time updates to trade content
  • Automated roll-outs
  • 24/7 support from providers


The healthcare industry is the leading adopter of cloud computing services.


With patient care front and center for all healthcare providers, cloud services have to pass stringent security and compliance measures.


There’s more to cloud services in healthcare than just data storage. Cloud-based data analysis can provide unrivaled insights into patient data and operational data – helping staff make informed decisions, quicker.

Other benefits include:


  • Lower operational costs
  • Informed decision making via patient education and engagement
  • HIPAA-compliant PHI protections
  • HITRUST Compliance
  • Cloud-based system autoscaling
  • Remote accessibility of data
  • HL7/FHIR compliance
  • TCO optimization
Cloud Services for Healthcare Hospitals and Doctors
Cloud Services for Government and Education Facilities

Government / Education

Organizations in both education and government facilities have been transformed by the possibilities available via the cloud.


From internal email systems to online distance learning platforms, the cloud’s scalability and flexibility addresses both sectors’ needs for large scale solutions and enhanced security.

The cloud can support complex infrastructures, reduce storage costs, and protect sensitive data.

Other benefits include:


  • Unlimited resources and storage capabilities
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Easier, simplified collaboration
  • Enhanced security features


Cloud computing technology has leveled the playing field of hospitality.


No longer just for multinational chains, cloud management systems are now affordable and adaptable for small independent hotels too.


Reducing day-to-day running costs and streamlining operations, cloud-based services are replacing traditional, outdated software rapidly

Other benefits include:


  • A more efficient back office
  • Secure access to essential software, anywhere in the world
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Eliminates negative depreciation of software
  • Staff can focus their time on other tasks
  • More positive guest experiences
  • Easy installation and automatic updates
Cloud Services for the Hospitality Industry
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Custom Cloud Service Solutions

At Teledata Cloud Services, our ultimate goal is to bring customers and solutions together.


We’re a team of cloud service consultants (and enthusiasts), not sales people. Our job is to figure out what problems your company is facing and find the solution that works best for you. 


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