Cloud Solutions For Government & Education

From internal email systems to online distance learning platforms, the cloud’s scalability and flexibility addresses both educational and government departments’ needs for large scale solutions and enhanced security.
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Cloud Services for Government Agencies and Educational Institutions
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The Public Sector Cloud

Cloud Services for Government Agencies & Education Facilities

The cloud can support complex infrastructures, reduce storage costs, and protect sensitive data – all while making your job easier. Other benefits include:
Cloud Services for Government Agencies and Educational Institutions

The Benefits of the Cloud

The Benefits of Using Cloud Solutions for Government Departments

The Benefits Of Using Cloud Solutions For Government Departments​

Education the benefits of using cloud based services for educational institutions

The Benefits Of Using Cloud Solutions For Education Facilities

Cloud computing services for the public sector and goverments

Cloud Computing Services for the Public Sector

Being in such a heavily scrutinized sector means you have more demands on your applications than most. You need reliable solutions that offer value for money and are as green as possible. Cloud computing services can help reduce your running costs, streamline your operations, and cut down on your hardware needs.

Cloud computing services can help the public sector by:

To learn more about how different cloud computing services can help you – visit our dedicated cloud computing services page.

Managed Services for the Public Sector

Get the most out of your IT infrastructure with managed services, designed to support your team 24/7. Whether you want help implementing the latest technologies to your workforce or need professional training to keep your team comfortable working with the resources available to them, managed IT services are the solution to your problem.

If you want to streamline your operation’s running efficiencies, a professional IT consultancy service can provide one-to-one (or one-to-many) advice and training on best practices used in the industry today.

Learn how the different types of managed IT services we offer can help you on our dedicated managed services page.

Managed Services for the Public Sector Governments and Educational facilities

Transitioning technolgies to the cloud can be difficult for governments and educational institutions. We’re here to provide expertise and guidance in order to make the process as easy and successful as possible. 

Communication As a Service (CaaS) for the public sector

Communication Solutions for the Public Sector

Opting for Communications as a Service can save you a serious amount of money in the long-run, especially if you’re a large-scale operation. There are also predefined pricing options available for government entities at significantly reduced rates. 

With dedicated hosted contact centers, you can keep the public engaged and supported with your services, without losing valuable staff hours.  

Consolidate all of your communication systems, including data and voice, into one bill and a single point of contact with SIP Trunking. You can even integrate VoIP-like benefits with legacy systems, without investing in new infrastructure with professional installation.

No matter the size of your operation, Communications as a Service can save you time and money compared to traditional communication providers. 

Browse our Communication as a Service for more details.

IoT/Wireless Services for the Public Sector

Keep your team, visitors, and public users connected no matter where they are with wireless services and the Internet of Things. 

From IoT-connected smart cameras to smart parking monitoring wireless devices, the possibilities for the public sector are endless with IoT options. 

With smart solutions available to streamline operations in sectors like transportation and infrastructure, utilities, environmental, crime prevention, culture, tourism and sports, and education – the way the public sector works is going to dramatically change in the next five years. 

The Internet of Things enables your facilities to stay functional and productive – 24/7/365.

Get more information on the types of wireless/IoT technology available on our IoT services page.

Government & Education - Internet of Things IoT and Wireless Service for the Public Sector
Network_SD-WAN services for the public sector

Network/SD-WAN Services for the Public Sector

Managing cloud-based applications in a dynamic and secure way is a serious challenge for the IT departments of the public sector. SD-WAN solutions help simplify the management and automation of tasks, improving performance and freeing up valuable manpower. 

SD-WAN significantly improves an organization’s agility and productivity levels, all while decreasing your running costs. 

Learn more about our offering of various network/SD-WAN services.

Managed Security Services for the Public Sector

For many public sector departments, cloud services are a completely new concept – which often leaves a serious gap in IT security. 

Due to being public-serving, many organizations in the industry are at higher risks of online security threats and breaches than private companies. 

By using managed security services, you get the best of both worlds: up-to-date compliance, monitoring, and protection –  as well as security experts keeping any breaches under control for you. 

For more information, visit our managed security services section.

Managed Security Service for the Public Sector - Governements and Educational Facilities

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