Internet of Things (IoT) & Wireless Cloud Solutions

Empower your staff with streamlined processes, automated operations, and insight into your most important data by connecting your tools and hardware to the Internet of Things

internet of things iot and wireless cloud based solutions for businesses
IoT Services and Wireless Solutions
Cloud Services - UCaas Cloud Computing IoT Wireless Managed Security

Connection Everywhere

IoT Services & Wireless Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionary opportunities for all sectors – with impressive reductions in labor, management and data costs once implemented correctly. 

From cloud-based facilities management systems to workplace monitoring, our dedicated team can help you find the IoT/wireless solutions needed to revolutionize your business.

IoT Services and Wireless Solutions
iot the internet of things - wireless
Cloud Services - UCaas Cloud Computing IoT Wireless Managed Security

the Internet Of Things


No longer just about Wi-Fi connections for smartphones, wireless business solutions have evolved to encompass a complex network of devices. 

From smartphones to security cameras, staff need to stay connected and accessible throughout the day. With a stable wireless network solution in place, your day-to-day operations can run uninterrupted – enabling your staff to achieve their goals. 


Sensors connected to the cloud can alert you to potential problems in your workplace, avoid expensive downtime, and even perform predictive maintenance tasks. 

Measuring everything from temperature to proximity, infrared radiation to pressure – data collected from sensors can provide you with the crucial, accurate data you need to make informed decisions. 

iot the internet of things - sensors

We’re a team of cloud service consultants (and enthusiasts), not sales people. Our job is to figure out what problems your company is facing and find the solution that works best for you.

iot the internet of things - Sim Services

Sim Services

Connecting to a cellular network via an IoT SIM means you can take full advantage of a dedicated, secure network with comprehensive coverage. 

Not only do IoT SIMs provide a constant connection, because of the way they connect, they also help prolong the device’s battery.


MEMs and TEMs technology are another type of IoT sensors, designed to measure the critical functions within your workplace technology. 

With options including gyroscopes, accelerometers, biosensors, gas sensors, and magnetometers – MEMs devices are more cost-efficient and accurate than other tech on the market. 

iot the internet of things - TEMs and MEMs
iot the internet of things - analytics and dashboard

Analytics and Dashboard

IoT analytics and dashboard is your go-to destination for collecting, visualizing, and analyzing your IoT devices data.

With an IoT dashboard set up and monitored correctly, you can process and store device data – as well as visualizing the movement of IoT equipment.

Monitoring and Escalations

Your IoT data is only as useful as how it is used, so setting up an incident management system with full-stack visibility is key to staying ahead of any potential threats to your critical operations.

iot the internet of things - monitoring and escalations

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