About Us

Teledata Cloud Services was incorporated as a separate business to help our customers address their business needs via cloud solutions. Teledata Cloud Services has the same ownership as Teledata (www.teledata.us.com) and Teledata has been in business for over 30 years. Teledata focuses on low voltage cabling installation, fiber, premised based telephony, paging, security cameras, networking and other on-premise infrastructure solutions. Due to the distinct and different nature of cloud solutions and the ability to sell nationally vs just regionally, Teledata Cloud Services was born.

The problems our customers face today are similar in nature to problems that they have faced in the past however now with cloud technologies, the solutions available to customers are vastly different. In many situations, customers can solve problems quicker and more cost effectively by incorporating cloud solutions. There is nearly limitless scalability and flexibility so customers can affordably accommodate business growth and spikes in usage. Based on these exciting new technologies, Teledata management felt it was best to create a new company and hire experts in cloud technologies to help our customers connect to business solutions that solve their business problems.

We are excited to discuss your business issues and connect you with solutions that will make your organization more agile and profitable.

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