Network/SD-WAN Cloud Solutions

With ever-increasing globalization, a consistent, standardized and repeatable IT infrastructure model is essential to outperform international competitors and improve day-to-day logistics.

Network SD-Wan Cloud Services
SD-Wan and Network Solutions for Businesses
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SD-WAN & Network Solutions

With SD-WAN now the mainstream choice for many organizations across the US, providers now offer dynamic bandwidth, critical application prioritization, and cost-effective upgrades for companies switching from traditional WAN technologies. 

Embracing SD-WAN capabilities in your business can help you map and scale your business objectives faster and more effectively. 

SD-Wan and Network Solutions for Businesses
Network SD-Wan Solutions - MPLS & Dynamic Connectivity
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Network solutions

MPLS & Dynamic Connectivity

SD-WAN solutions can combine your MPLS and internet connections, dynamically routing traffic over multiple circuits to maximize efficiencies and minimize downtime. 

With SD-WAN keeping you up and running, you and your team can keep productive throughout the day.


DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) delivers an unrivaled level of internet access (it’s in the name!) to businesses via a direct fibre connection that isn’t shared with your neighbors. 

Invest in DIA and enjoy the full bandwidth you signed up for – no matter what time or day you connect. 

Network SD-Wan Solutions - Dedicated Internet Access DIA

At Teledata Cloud Services, our team is full of cloud service consultants (and enthusiasts), not sales people. Our job is to figure out what problems your company is facing and find the solution that works best for you.

Network SD-Wan Solutions - Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless provides broadband internet access through radio waves – so there’s no need for phone or cable lines and the cost of installation is much cheaper than other options. 

The benefits of a fixed wireless internet connection are huge – you get high speed internet that’s unaffected by weather, doesn’t lag and doesn’t have data caps, giving your business the edge it needs to stay on track and be productive 24/7. 

Broadband Aggregation

Broadband access aggregation simplifies multi-location internet connectivity by bundling multiple technologies and suppliers into one streamlined package. 

When your broadband services are combined and managed by one aggregator, you can enjoy cost-effective solutions without the stress of dealing with multiple vendors. 

Network SD-Wan Solutions - Broadband Aggregation
Network SD-Wan Solutions - Application Acceleration

Application Acceleration

If you’re struggling with problems like WAN latency or bandwidth congestion, application acceleration can help. 

Using techniques like compression, caching and transmission control protocol (TCP) optimization, you can significantly improve response times over network connections.

Managed SD-WAN

Get all the benefits of SD-WAN – without the headache of managing your connectivity on a day-to-day basis. 

Managed SD-WAN services are designed to keep you up and running no matter what – including installation, testing, 24/7 support, and issue resolution. 

Network SD-Wan Solutions - Managed SD-Wan

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