Managed Security For Your Business

Modern security solutions demand more than just a firewall and a locked front door. We can help you get the managed security services your business needs.

Managed Security Solutions
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Secure Your Business Via The Cloud

Managed Security Solutions

Businesses are attacked on a daily basis – from small family-run companies to Fortune 500 enterprises – resulting in huge financial losses and a ruined reputation. Here at Teledata Cloud Services, we work with both small and large companies to provide you with the best online security options for your operation.

Taking a proactive approach to your online security isn’t optional – it’s a necessity. From device security management to penetration testing, we can help you find the right level of security services your business needs. 

Managed Security Solutions
Managed Security Services - Security as a Service SECaaS
Cloud Services - UCaas Cloud Computing IoT Wireless Managed Security

Security Management


Security as a Service (SECaaS) takes a substantial weight off your IT department’s shoulders and gives you access to experts in the industry, without the added cost of another member of staff on permanent payroll. 

By outsourcing the most critical element of your day-to-day functioning as a business, you get the benefit of significant cost savings, the latest security tools and updates behind you, and you free up your IT team’s time to focus on other in-house priorities. 

Physical Security

Connecting your physical security system to the cloud enables you to monitor, record, and protect your premises from potential threats. 

Thanks to the Internet of Things, you can hook up your security lighting, alarm systems, sensors, video surveillance, access control systems, and ID systems to one secure dashboard – giving your security team easy access to the tools they need, when they need them.  

Managed Security Services - Physical Security
Managed Security Services - Unified Threat Management

Unified Threat Management

Organizations of all sizes are embracing cloud UTM, and reaping the benefits of scalability and easy remote access, while reducing the need for on-site hardware and management.

Using UTM, you can consolidate your firewalls, intrusion prevention and detection software, anti-malware, virtual private networks, and content filtering into a solitary network device.

Managed Firewall

With a fully managed firewall, you have instant access to a team of network security experts who monitor and protect your network 24/7. 

Depending on your needs, you can create standardized content blocking or block traffic from specific networks, applications, devices or services.

Managed Security Services - Managed Firewall

About Teledata Cloud Services

We’re a team of cloud service consultants (and enthusiasts), not sales people. Our job is to figure out what problems your company is facing and find the solution that works best for you.

Managed Security Services - Distributed Denial of Service DDoS Mitigation

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) mitigation protects your server/network from a targeted attack. 

By using a cloud-based DDoS protection service, you can protect your company from DNS Amplification, SYN/ACK, and Layer 7 attacks.

Compliance Audits

Figure out where the weak spots are in your current security efforts, and how to get up to standard, with professional security compliance audits.

Knowing where you are now, and exactly what steps you need to implement to improve your security, will help you protect your network and servers from future attacks.

Managed Security Services - Compliance Audits
Managed Security Services - Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, otherwise known as ethical hacking, finds security vulnerabilities in your set up before an attacker can exploit them. 

With automated pen testing, you can assess your website, apps, and other critical web assets, and uncover potential issues before they become serious problems.

Endpoint Management

Keep track of all devices connected to your system and ensure each device’s software is secure and up-to-date. 

Designed to prevent unauthorized devices from gaining access to your system, endpoint management includes asset management, patch management, and compliance evaluation.

Managed Security Services - Endpoint Management

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